Chapters: This book outlines a step-by-step process for making sense of messes made of information (and people). The steps are in order but most projects are not, so feel free to skip around or jump to a specific term from the lexicon.

Indexed Lexicon: The online version of this book was designed around a hyperlink enabled indexed lexicon. Each time you see a word that is highlighted (for example: mess) it means that this term is a lexicon enabled term. By clicking on that term, you will see a page listing all other uses of that term within the book. This means you can read the book two ways, sequentially or based on a following a single term through the whole book.

Characters: Each chapter ends with a story about a person who needs to make sense of a mess.

Worksheets: There are worksheets in each chapter to help you to make sense of your own messes. Each worksheet is simple enough to be easily recreated for your own purposes, but I have also provided links to print-ready templates.


Written & Illustrated By Abby Covert

Edited By Nicole Fenton

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